Veganism // When, Why & How

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I just recently became a full Vegan! I’ve been eating a mostly Vegan diet until now but as of September 1st, I am fully committed to eating a clean and responsible diet.

Here are the videos I watched prior to making my decision:





(I was linked to these through Essena O’Neill’s video Tips For Vegan Beginners)

There are three main reasons that I chose to commit to Veganism:

#1: Moral Reasons

The first reason that I stopped eating or using animal products to the best of my ability was moral. I basically spent an entire afternoon and evening watching informative videos about slaughterhouses. The places shown in the videos were considered “humane” and as soon as I saw that, I knew I could not support it. The videos were graphic, but I think it’s important to know what you’re paying to support. Every decision we make, including what we choose to nourish our bodies with, is based on a set of beliefs.

#2: Health Reasons

I have suffered from a lack of energy and a general feeling of being bloated from consuming all of these foods. I’m lactose intolerant, and before I knew the background of where we get milk and how it affects animals it was difficult to let go of dairy products. Dairy is actually the worst for your body out of all the foods Veganism cuts out.

#3: Positivity

This ties in with health and morality, but when I eat a Vegan diet, I’m way happier! It’s so simple.

Finally, the HOW. I spent a lot of time telling myself Veganism would be too hard and too expensive. But my grocery list is way cheaper, and I’m still just as lazy as I was…without all the bloating! I am definitely not a health specialist, so by all means, do your own research. There are tons of helpful YouTube videos that really break it down. That being said, here is what a day of eating everything at home usually looks like for me:


-Smoothie Bowls, Oatmeal or Granola with almond milk

-Fruit and seeds on top (flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds…)


-Crunchmaster multi-seed crackers

-Red pepper hummus

-Coconut water or juice

Dinner: (I have to admit, most nights I’ve ordered pizza so far. This guide to ordering Vegan at normal delivery chains is a life saver!)

-Curried Tofu (I get it by the pound from Jimbo’s and keep it in my fridge. It’s cheap and delicious!) or spaghetti with marinara

-Dark leafy greens…I usually eat them straight up, but if that grosses you out you can put them on a pizza or blend them into your pasta sauce!
These meals are no more difficult than anything I was making before!

If you have any delicious, quick and easy Vegan meals up your sleeve, email me at and share them with me!




It’s Tuesday! // Summer Snacking + Midweek Rambles

Hey there! I’m sorry about the low quality banners. I am trying something new and I’m still working out all the little issues so hopefully I can figure out something better soon! Thanks for your patience!

It’s piping hot out and I’m feeling under the weather, so here I sit in Starbucks desperately trying to draft blog posts to make up for how far behind I have gotten and, of course, dreaming of cloudy days. Since I’m feeling so sick and couldn’t shoot anything new, I decided to post the recipe for my favorite Summer salad.

I shared this recipe recently on my Instagram but here it is in more depth:



-Berries (I like to use strawberries and sometimes blueberries!)

-Nuts (I use almonds)

-Goat cheese

-Lemon juice (we also have a lemon dijon dressing where I work and I use that occasionally, you can definitely play around with this!)

-Optional: grilled chicken or fish


Make sure you wash your fruit and veggies! I usually use a small handful of spinach, but you can decide that based on how hungry you are. Lay the goat cheese next. I use a generous amount of goat cheese because I think that the goat cheese mixed with the fruit is what makes this salad so stinkin amazing, but again, it can totally vary based on preference! Lay the berries in or around the goat cheese to get them to sort of stick to one another. (Note: the berries that you choose determine the flavor of the salad. I almost always use strawberries [cut into fourths] but blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all work well on their own or together in this recipe.) Then fill all your little blank patches of spinach with the nuts. Toss with the lemon juice (I don’t use very much at all) and dig in!

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of hiding and writing. I take my journal (from SoLo in Solana Beach…I’m absolutely in love with it! I’ll post photos soon!) to a coffee shop or cafe and sit by myself writing whatever I want. Sometimes I write two lines, sometimes I write twenty pages. I’m really loving it! I’m going to start a tag (on Instagram) with a line from my journal each time I do this called #BecBabbles. If you like to journal like me, join in on the fun!! Tag your journal posts with BecBabbles and I’ll repost my favorites. Hopefully as my following grows, so will this tag. I’m really excited to hear what people have to say!

Things in my life have been changing at a rapid page over the last few months, and this week one of the biggest changes occurred in my personal life and it’s lead me to set a lot of goals for myself. Some of these include eating more whole foods and listening to my body (avoiding dairy and grains…eek!) and getting out on my own to journal more. This week I’m going to get up earlier than usual and try designating this as my journal time.

That’s all for now, friends!



It’s Friday! // Instagram + Places in Portland

Happy Friday! I woke up (at an ungodly hour) this morning dreaming of my favorite city. I spent about a half an hour looking back through my photos from my last trip up and realized I want to do something with them! I am not by any means a Portland tour guide (I only just started touring the city last spring), but I’m super excited to show you one place at a time that I really loved. I’m going back up on August 10th, so these will probably be popping up a couple times a week.

Salt & Straw is a unique chain of ice cream shops that began in Portland and has recently launched in LA. Their special flavors (such as Honey Lavender, Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper, and the classic Arbequina Olive Oil) and hip, modern atmosphere draw people in.

More info on Salt & Straw:

How it all began


Even if you don’t really care about the story of it all, I would recommend checking out the website because it’s adorable.

I didn’t get that many photos while I was there and I didn’t get ANY inside (why?!?!?!?) but I’m going to share a few shots from outside. And yes, I did basically do a whole shoot just because of how beautiful my ice cream was…which brings me to the Instagram portion of this post! I get a lot of questions about Instagram which is always a little surprising because I don’t have much of a following, so I thought I would talk a little bit about photo content.

Utilizing Walls

When you’re in the city this one really comes in handy. The first way to do this is, of course, to just stand in front of it and smile. This one is classic but not obnoxious or overdone.

And then there’s the thing plus wall strategy as pictured:

No matter what, interesting walls are your best friend. Let me know what YOUR favorite spots in Portland are for my next trip up!



Summer Snacks // Cheyenne’s Favorite Summer Smoothie

My good friend Cheyenne (@organicfajita on Instagram) has something exciting in the works! I’ll do a profile on her and talk about that a little later, but for today, here’s her favorite Summer smoothie recipe!


-Frozen strawberries

-Frozen mango

-Frozen rasberries

-Frozen blackberries

-Frozen blueberries


summer 2015 012

summer 2015 014

summer 2015 015


You want equal parts of all except double strawberries. Add water until it’s about halfway to the top of the ingredients. Add yogurt or ice cream if you want (we’re both dairy free so we didn’t). The result with a dairy product will be creamier (you could also try coconut milk, etc. but we liked the texture of this).

summer 2015 017

summer 2015 019

summer 2015 023


summer 2015 027

summer 2015 031A profile on Cheyenne is coming soon, I promise!!