4 Ways to be an Urban Explorer // Tackling Big Cities

Hi friends! Things have been very hectic in my life, as always, but today, my sister and I had the same day off (hip, hip, hooray!) and were able to do some exploring. We decided we would take the Coaster down from suburban San Diego into the downtown area and spend some time just walking around experiencing parts of San Diego we’ve sort of neglected. I’m always surprised how much more there is to my city than what Manda and I have explored because it feels like we’ve gone everywhere, but today, everything felt completely foreign to me. There was a very unique crowd of hundreds of thousands of people visiting for Comic Con on top of the regular weekend/summer hustle and bustle, and I realized how little time I’ve spent in the Gas Lamp district, which is arguably the heart of the city.

But the truth is, sometimes exploring feels like a whole lot of work. The more chaotic my life gets, the more likely I am to stick to all my same coffee shops and book stores and restaurants instead of branching out into the unknown where (God forbid) I might not immediately find parking. So without further ado, here are four ways to make the city a little less scary:

1. Utilize public transit. Even if you don’t mind paying for parking, driving in the city is just plain stressful, especially if you haven’t been driving in one your whole life. Either way, most cities have great public transit systems set up that will end up sort of being like a mini tour for you!

2. Research the area you’re going to. What’s highly rated? What do locals say is unmissable? Ask around when you get to the city. Even if you change your mind on where to go, you’ll still feel like you know what you’re doing. Make sure to research the communities within the city, too!

3. Or don’t. This is usually the way I go, but it isn’t necessarily a great plan if you are traveling or trying to get the most bang for your buck. But who knows…sometimes the best places are the hidden gems that you stumble upon!

4. Find a high place. Pretend to be a guest at a hotel and go to the top floor. Try and look professional in an office building and stare at your watch while you rush into an elevator. You’ll be glad you did.




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