Summer Snacks // Cheyenne’s Favorite Summer Smoothie

My good friend Cheyenne (@organicfajita on Instagram) has something exciting in the works! I’ll do a profile on her and talk about that a little later, but for today, here’s her favorite Summer smoothie recipe!


-Frozen strawberries

-Frozen mango

-Frozen rasberries

-Frozen blackberries

-Frozen blueberries


summer 2015 012

summer 2015 014

summer 2015 015


You want equal parts of all except double strawberries. Add water until it’s about halfway to the top of the ingredients. Add yogurt or ice cream if you want (we’re both dairy free so we didn’t). The result with a dairy product will be creamier (you could also try coconut milk, etc. but we liked the texture of this).

summer 2015 017

summer 2015 019

summer 2015 023


summer 2015 027

summer 2015 031A profile on Cheyenne is coming soon, I promise!!




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