Summertime Goals! // 6-15-15

Happy summer!!! One of my favorite parts of a new season is that a lot of things start over. This is especially true for my life in summer because I finally have a little time to sit back and re-evaluate! So I sat back and did so, and here is what I’ve found.

Goals with my wardrobe:

-buy more white/brightly colored clothing that goes with more of what I own. I’m realizing a lot of my closet is cute but also completely random and useless for me!

-try and earn a bit of cash off of what I don’t wear anymore…and even if it’s adorable, if I don’t wear it, it’s gotta go. My room is tiny and I need the space! I hate clutter…yeek!

-This isn’t really a wardrobe thing, but I need to work on actually spending time on my hair. It’s always up or natural, and my natural hair is a bit of a mess. I need to keep trimming it and keeping it shoulder length. When my hair looks good, I feel good.

Goals with food:

-This one could easily take a lot of time to explain, but I’ll keep it simple. I’m anemic on top of having many food intolerances (mainly lactose). I have trouble remembering to take my iron and Super-B supplements until I’m wondering why I’m exhausted and dizzy. Duh! Remember ya vitamins, girl!

-So of course, I need to focus on consuming more foods with iron and B12. A friend of mine who is also anemic recently suggested a smoothie she makes every morning. It’s high in iron and helps her keep her body nourished throughout the day! I’ll make another post about the smoothie.

-I was recently reminded that soy is not the answer!! I have reverted to drinking skim milk (I know, I know. Both or controversial. But I was consuming soy regularly, sometimes 2-3 times a day. I work at a coffee shop. I drink almond milk when possible!). I’m going to try out milk alternatives. I like almond milk but I can never use it all in time. A friend recently suggested hemp milk. Suggestions?

-I have more trouble getting the nourishment I need than trying to cut it out, but too much sugar is still a problem for me. I need to fix those more obvious habits!

Goals for blogging:

-I want to get more on top of MAKING THINGS! I have some exciting things I want to do but I haven’t even managed to make time for grocery shopping, much less me-time.

-I want to be posting higher quality photos more frequently. I lost my sister’s camera charger (of course) so now I haven’t had a camera to take photos on besides my iPhone.

-I want to make more baking posts!

Goals for my life:

-I want to manage my time better. I think I’m going to start using a planner to make plans with people and include at least 2-3 hours for myself at night.

-I want to work more! I was making a pretty solid amount of money but as I got more and more stressed out I quit going in as much. As I explained in my blog post in February when I first got the job, I make my own hours. I’ve been doing the work from home (which was my decision) and when I work from home I can’t clock in.

-I want to paint and make music more.

-I want to spend time making my room more how I want it to be. I’m not home much so usually it’s not a big deal to me, but it honestly sucks a little when you can’t relax in your own space.

So there it is! Let me know if you have any suggestions for any of the goals I’ve mentioned.




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