An (Apologetic) Update // 5-26-15

(This is kind of a personal post and it’s not really about anything interesting)

I’m not sure if this update is for you or for me but I have been feeling pretty awful about not keeping on top of this. I feel like it reflects a lot of what my life looks like right now, I have a million things that I should be taking care of and I’m not. So here are the things I’m feeling overwhelmed by:

1. School! It’s the end of the year and I’m struggling to keep up and it doesn’t feel important so that just makes things worse.

2. Work is tough!! I live far from school and far from work and they’re a good forty minutes away from one another. So on top of trying to handle those two things separately, I’m stuck on the 405 in traffic in between!

3. I’ve been so sick! I feel like i always use this as an excuse but there it is. I’ve been getting sick and that makes me physically so exhausted and I haven’t had a free moment to just take care of myself and do the things I want to do in ages.

My life sort of just feels like a whole bunch of heavy chaos right now and it doesn’t just stop at those three, but the school year is just about to end! And then I’ll have time to cook and clean and paint and make music and frolic through meadows and forests and climb mountains and do cartwheels and take photos. So there is my (apologetic) update.



*A couple extra things: my family had two cars die in one week so that is another little bit of chaos! Also let me know on Instagram if you’re interested in anything neeeeew and exciting!


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